BOOK REVIEW: The First Christmas

The First Christmas written by Janice D.Green is a splendid Christmas story for boys and girls. The illustrations by Violet Vandor are clear and the different color pages adds to the beauty of this book. It size is great for reading with one child or sharing with a larger group in a reading circle. Each page asks questions to the children that challenges their thinking and draws the children in with questions that they can relate to. The story is very accurate to the scriptures. The size of the book is great for a child to read and or just look at the pictures. The book is 32 pages long and I believe would be great for early elementary aged children. I liked the activity idea at the end of the book again showing us away to expand this is a great teaching tool as well as a timeless story of the birth of Christ. I can see this book being a family favourite book year after year as a family tradition.

This book was provided to me for review by the publisher for review, as a complimentary copy by BookCrash. Please follow the links below to purchase a copy of this special book.