June 2013

Posted Speed Limit

The road that I travel to work is going to be widened; this work is scheduled to take seven years. When I heard the time frame, I began to grumble about the inconvenience of it taking so long and being my route to work. I began to do the math and try and figure out how that would look in life, seven years from now, and how old I would be. It's funny where the mind goes when one is grumbling to oneself. After the grumbling came the realization that I do have alternate routes that will get me to work and not add any time to my trip.


As we go about our days, we can miss so many big and little things around us. For the past year, I have been riding my bike past the same abandoned building. As I stopped and spent some time wandering around the outside of the building on this particular day, I believe that the Lord had something that He wanted me to see.