October 2015

Seeing Is Believing... Or Is It?

The area where I work is dotted with large lots and homes. There aren't many fences, but there are a lot of dogs that all remain on their property as we walk by. Recently, I was on a walk with a lady that I support, and three dogs were running around their yard. She turned to me and said, "We should go back. The dogs are coming." I explained that they don't leave their yard because they wear a special receiver collar, and the perimeter of the yard has an invisible fence — an underground transmitting wire.

Book Review Catbird Singing

Catbird Singing

The book brings back wonderful childhood memories of growing up on a farm, even though it wasn’t an Amish farm the farm life is very similar to all.  I have always had a draw to the Amish life when we go to Lancaster and this book made me feel a part of the story.