Book Review

An Unfathomable Gift-God’s Astonishing Grace by Jan Blonk

Jan Blonk leaves the reader of "An Unfathomable Gift" with an intimate glimpse of God. All other religions and sects teach that man has to perform many good works in order to gain bliss – salvation is dependent on man. The Christian faith is completely the opposite. It is God working salvation on behalf of man – salvation is dependent on God,” Jan Blonk writes in his book, "The Unfathomable Gift: God’s Astonishing Grace."

This one hundred and six page paperback targets those who enjoy a Christian devotional about the amazing and wonder of God’s grace through salvation. Using the English Standard Version of the Holy Bible, verses are written out for the reader. Which makes it easy for the reader to look the scriptures up in other bible versions.

In this small booklet, two to three page devotions cover a topic related to God and His glory, power, love, and grace. Starting with a written out Bible verse, a particular topic is chosen, often inserting more verses from the Word of God. Rarely are the author’s personal memories or experiences factored into the writings.

Included are discussions of Peter, Paul, John, and, most importantly, Jesus as well as famous people such as John Newton, Billy Graham, and Charles Spurgeon.
This book would also make a great small group study for new believers or people who are searching for the truth.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Book Crash in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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