BOOK REVIEW A Beautiful Reflection

A Beautiful Reflection
Sarah Maddox's stated goal is to see "women challenge today's lifestyles by living life from a Biblical worldview--refusing to compromise their convictions no matter how tempting. A Beautiful Reflection does that. I have just finished reading this wonderful book and I really enjoyed it, I was able to read it in an afternoon. The characters of Susan and Jim are easy to connect with and care about. Despite being a romance book, it was not predictable, which is always a plus. Throughout the book, I really had no idea whether Susan and Jim would end up together or not. You will have to read it to find out for yourself. Every unmarried woman should read this book and take the time to reflect about the discussion questions. Even though I am married and have grown sons who are not married I was able to use the discussion questions at the end of the book. I am an avid reader of Christian fiction and I have never read a novel with more focus on The Lord. Sarah was able to give lots of details in areas that kept your interest and at times stayed right on track with the focus on the Lord. If you like clean romance books with characters who live to please God, this is a great choice. It is a short and sweet book. What an encouragement it is to a life of sexual purity and a commitment to being equally yoked in marriage. Read and be blessed!
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Book Crash in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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